Monday, October 20, 2014

Submissions Wanted

My wife Melanie has a new project and is seeking your assistance with making it a reality.

We are seeking submissions from those of you who have been diagnosed with a mental illness or feel that they have one.
  • Are you misunderstood and want the opportunity to set the record straight?
  • Are you willing to be completely honest with yourself and others?
  • Are you tired of others telling you it's "all in your head and/or you are making it all up" ?
  • Do you know that you want to do something so badly but your own mind makes you stop?
  • Can you describe your thoughts?  Perceptions?  Feelings?  Wants?
  • Do you have Depression/Anxiety/ADHD/Bi-Polar, Etc; 
  • What occurs to you in those dark moments?
  • Does something in you feel release afterwards?

We also are seeking entries from those who are living with or who have lived with someone with a mental illness.  We need to get an understanding from you on how you cope.  How understanding do you really feel you are?

Are you unable to put your thoughts into words but could do something artistic instead?  We would love to see it.

Once we have enough submissions, we will begin compiling them into a book.  Consider each story as a piece of the puzzle, each piece carefully considered and placed to help tell a better narrative. 

We want your stories so that others can find some hope in a moment of darkness.  That they are not alone.  We have an opportunity to learn from each other and break the stigma of mental illness.

Email to: