Saturday, March 01, 2014

The Charger

This week I fulfilled the 7th speech of 10 towards my Advanced Communicator Bronze certification at Toastmasters.  The speech topic I chose was Moral of the Story from the Storyteller's manual.  After a lot of thought (and I mean a lot - I went back and forth on this one for 8 months) and research into different moral tales, I decided to do a modern take on a particular Aesop's fable, one called "The Ass and the Charger".

The original goes as following:

The Ass and the Charger
An Ass congratulated a Horse on being so ungrudgingly and carefully provided for, while he himself had scarcely enough to eat, nor even that without hard work. But when war broke out, the heavy armed soldier mounted the Horse, and rushed into the very midst of the enemy, and the Horse, being wounded, fell dead on the battle-field. Then the Ass, seeing all these things, changed his mind, and commiserated the Horse, saying: "How much more fortunate am I than a charger. I can remain at home in safety while he is exposed to all the perils of war." 

Moral of Aesops Fable:  Be not hasty to envy the condition of others.

Here is my version; one that I decided to call The Charger in honour of the original fable.  The speech had to only be 4-6 minutes in length so I've had to leave some details with rather loose hanging threads, but it's one that I may adapt for a longer version later on.  After I finish writing my next speech (Wreckers), we will see.