Friday, June 23, 2006

Surgery Epilogue

Well, I'm home. The day went very well...though did have its moments of pain. As a matter of fact, Mr. Tylenol the 3rd is the only thing keeping me going right now.
The one thing I'm most happy about is the fact that I was not sick following surgery. Not even a stomach flutter. I had been worried about having a technicolour yawn all over the recovery room. One little victory.
What sucks the most? My right arm is immobilized for a week. I'm typing this with my left hand....hence what is destined to be a short entry. I am going to fiddle with some of my voice recognition software tommorow so may blog more then. Just wanted people to know that my arm is still attached.
Stay handy!


Wayne said...

Hey Tim, Glad to see you made it trough the operation, I wish you a speedy recovery... Welcome back by the way, I was starting to wonder where you got to... Sorry I could not make it to your performance back awhile ago, but my crazy schedule did not allow for it...

I have a couple things in the works right now, an interview with Toronto Police next week (driving their Police Tow Truck)... If that does not work out, I have testing with GO Transit the following week... So my fingers are crossed, I am really hoping to get the Police Tow gig, that will be so awesome, driving a Tow Truck with RED flashing lights & a siren!!!

Your old buddy Wayne...

Come to think about it, we did some really crazy things, I'm surprised that your other body parts haven't started falling off yet!!!

Ric said...

Stay handy, and keep your stick on the ice. Take time to heal.

The Acting Artist said...

Wayne...thanks very much. No worries about the show, I am the poster child for a busy life so I know what it's like.
Good luck with the Police gig...just don't run anybody over trying to save someone else.
Oh, and about the crazy stuff...yeah, being tossed from the hood of a car that abruptly stopped after going 50 clicks will cause some bumps. It's just catching up with me now. (LONG story to everybody else out there)

Ric...what, a hockey metaphore? What are we, Canadian or something?
Thanks for the well wishes, I'm getting better now.

Wayne said...

LOL... I was thinking of your little river crossing with the station wagon!!! LOL... Hauling your flooded (literally) car back to the Kleinburg Fire Hall to dry out!!! LOL... Don't think I was responsible for your hood slide, must be another old neighbor named Wayne!

Yea, the Toronto Police Towing gig seems to be progressing much quicker than anticipated, I was told 2 to 6 weeks before I would hear anything, I returned the following day to drop off a "thank you letter" (something that seemed to work well at my current employer), and I was given more forms to fill out and was told that I was the "top contender" for the position... Well there are 2 positions available... So this is awesome news, I just hope the background investigation moves along quickly!