Monday, August 29, 2005

Road-Trip Dreams Squashed

Damn the government and their need to take undeserved money from me.
Melanie's sister Britta had offered us her old car under a couple conditions. One - we pay for some minor repairs it required. Two - we either: A/ Come and get it, or B/ Cover her expenses for driving it back up here herself.
Sounds like an easy decision, right? Well sure, except for the fact that she lives near Minneapolis, MN; which is approximately a 17 hour drive from us.
So, as a man, I chose the only logical choice - ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!! I definately wanted to go get it. I mean...I'd take my buddy Ted...we'd drive over there (well, technically down, over and then up again), get the car and drive back. My excitement to face the open road was upon us.
So...a plan was drafted and set in action. Then prompty picked apart and cancelled. It was discovered that the government refused to accept a sibling to sibling gift as free and clear...we'd have to pay taxes on the black book value (it's a '99 so the value is still fairly high). Plus, in Melanie's conversations with customs, they insisted that Britta would have to drive across herself.
And so, I thought that was it. Goodbye 1999 Mercury Cougar 5 speed.
Then to my surprise, Melanie started talks back up. However, it is with the "less fun for me" plan of Britta driving it here. She'll take the new high speed fairy across the lake...which shaves about 4hours off her time. Cheaper and less stressful to my budget conscious wife. So, in about three weeks, we'll have a newer car to replace the ever-aging 1996 Cavalier, which is a good car but I'm uncertain of its abilities to survive the upcoming winter.
Now I'm left with a taste for Roadtrip with nowhere to far...time to get out my map and think of where I have not been.'s a big list, but I'm willing to slowly cross things off.

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Rufus said...

High speed fairy?

I want one of those.

Meanwhile, J-kid just turned down a road trip to Connecticut.

On the other hand, that's awfully nice of Britta!