Friday, June 24, 2005

E-Bay Listed

I sold my very first item on E-Bay today.

The book that I am reading on selling tactics mentions the simple rule. First sell the stuff in your house that you never believed would ever sell. Perhaps it's crap you bought at a garage sale in a hungover stupor or something ill-fitting that your Aunt Behemoth gave you for your birthday. No matter what, take a crack at never know.

I happened to have a bunch of old VHS tapes of some comedy and horror classics sitting around. They were very, very old tapes...bought during a liquidation sale at some video rental shop about ten years ago. However, the quality was still satisfactory, so I figured they didn't deserve the trashheap quite yet. So, I took one of them, and put it up for auction starting at $1.00. 7 day auction. 6 days and 21 hours later, I had one $1.00. I figured, what the least I'd get practice in my shipping, even if there was no reward to be found (my Ebay charges were around a dollar so at the time I was just breaking even).

Then, I had a fussy baby to contend with...laid down on the couch with him and promptly fell asleep for three hours. When I got back up, I realized the auction would now be over, so time to see the damage....

WHAT THE??? $11.07!!!! A small, 7 person bidding war had occured within minutes of the auction closing, and they drove the price to what I consider to be a satisfactory first sale. Now, I'm getting more items ready...going through boxes and taking snaps.

They said in the book that it's easy to get hooked...and I see why. I think I'm going to enjoy this!

May even do some garage sale hunting tomorrow......


ricknight said...

Excellent! Plans towards world dommination are proceeding as planned!

Arethusa said...

That's how it usually goes on E-bay, everyone waits 'till the last few minutes (sometimes seconds) to place their bid in the hopes that their sly habits will give them the edge.

The Acting Artist said...

Yeah, I'm been reading a lot about it, and watching other's interesting.

Sold a second item a couple days ago...once again for less than $10, but that's ok. This time I'm shipping to a larger item so it's good practice. can find my items up for sale here

It's a motley collection of items, but this way I can see what sells better than others. I'll have a separate post about my adventures in finding things to sell soon.

Greg Woods said...

Oh you sold Hardware Wars! That's a real find.