Monday, May 16, 2005

Treading the boards - again.

Tonight, I will be gracing the Second City stage as an improviser for the very first time. It was originally to our surprise when we started Level C that we would be expected to perform for our peers in a short 17 minute presentation, but as I get closer to the time I become more and more excited. I love performing for a live audience, and the thrill of being outside of my own comfort zone is akin to my earliest days of conventional theatre.
The coolest thing about this stage we are using's the original stage used at the Firehouse Theatre in Toronto. The same stage graced by Dan Akroyd, Martin Short, Eugene Levy and a multitude of other fantastic improvisers over the great many years of Second City. They actually cut it out when they stopped using the Firehouse Theatre, and have now installed it in Studio 4 of the Second City Training Centre. It's a great historical item and I'm honoured to be using it...
...but I won't kiss it in homage...I'm sure you'd understand.


Arethusa said... was it? Sounds like quite the experience.

Rufus said...

He was tremendous!

Arethusa said...

Ra! Glad to hear it, pity I missed out. Hop on over to my blog for a bit Tim, I tagged you for one of those annoying meme's. ;)

The Acting Artist said...

Arethusa - I really had a great time. The audience was good, the energy was up, and my fellow castmates were keeping us all in stitches.

Rufus - Oh please, yer makin' me blush. You did awesome yourself.