Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Draft One of Art Page Is Up

Hey, I kept a promise! I deserve a cookie.
Though there is still has a lot of work left to do, the first draft of my art page is up. Go to my website and click on the Art & Photography link to check it out.

Other major progress today involved ordering and planning out our services for the new house. Look's like Ma Bell is getting a lot of our business...not only are we sticking with them for phone and DSL (when Mel called to cut off internet they made us a pricing offer to stay that we couldn't refuse), but we are also going to get ExpressVu Satellite TV. The price beats regular cable by a long margin. I've thought about going with Satellite for awhile, but we couldn't at the apartment because of the direction we faced...currently we have a wonderful view of the north, but you need to point the dish South-West. I'm sure the people in the apartment across from us would have been pissed off at me running cable through their place. So, we move up in the Technology world, and save some coin at the same time. Go us!

More tomorrow....

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