Friday, March 25, 2005

Donations for Zambia

A good friend of mine, JC Paquet is planning on going to Zambia, a South African country, in late May with the Christian organization Partners International to assist with the building of a community centre. The only thing is, he has to pay his own way. To raise funds, he is auctioning off two of his larger works of art, both pieces that I remember staring at in awe whenever I dropped into his old offices in Newmarket. Also, for those wishing to donate, he will be providing a limited series of prints of two of his other works of art - $25.00 minimum.

This guy is full of heart. I've known JC since 1995 when we did A Tribute To Broadway together with The Queensville Players, and I've seen him at his most triumphant and at the edge of doom. He's been to hell and back over the last while for personal reasons I will not discuss here, yet unlike a lot of people who would just curl up and hide from the world he is choosing to do something positive.

In an article in the Era-Banner, JC refers to how he wants to set an example for his daughter and for everyone in their community. What's so wonderful to see about that is in this world that is so compartmentalized, people so often only think about themselves and what the world can do for them. If we had more people like JC then places like Zambia would not be in the shape that they are.

I highly recommend everyone head over to his website and donate to the cause. All proceeds will be considered a charitable donation, and you will receive a receipt from Partners International. Also, read up on the cause and what Partners International does. It's very inspiring. I myself hope that I can beat all of my ailments one day and help out physically. Until then, I'm supporting people like JC to carry on my own mission of hope. Hopefully you will do the same.

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