Thursday, March 31, 2005

As Ric commanded me to do.

Accent: Canadian
Bra size: {tisk} cheeky bugger
Chore I hate: Getting up to go to work
Dad's name: David
Essential make-up: Tan-2 base for stagework
Favorite perfume: Muskoka Air
Gold or Silver: White Gold
Hometown: Kleinburg
Interesting fact: I've moved 60+ times
Job title: Sr. Technical Analyst or Actor. Take your pick
Kids: #1 on the way.
Living arrangements: Apartment. Moving to house next month.
Mom's Birthplace: Meaford
Number of apples eaten in last week: none
Overnight hospital stays: none
Phobia: Amnesiphobia - I'm afraid I'll forget what I was afraid of.
Question you ask yourself a lot: Ayruh???
Religious affiliation: Open-minded
Siblings: 1 step-brother, 3 step-sisters
Time I wake up: 6:45am
Unnatural hair color: pink. Accidental hair-colour accident
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Lima Beans
Worst habit: Sarcasm
X-rays: Too many to count
Yummy food I make: Cheese Dreams (Bacon & Cheese on Toast)
Zodiac sign: Pisces


Mike said...

quite a ways you've come Tim, glad to see your doing well. The blog is certainitly more interesting to read then some of the stuff on counterparts so many years ago.

ricknight said...

Interestig... very interesting.

The Acting Artist said...

Oh, I try.

Like your new icon, Ric. Isn't that a Hugh Syme?