Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Will wonders never cease

Just as I got to the point of questioning whether or not I should take a six month sabatical from the professional acting world, opportunities have started to arise.

I don't think I've mentioned my dilemna before, so I will explain that first. Knowing that baby is on the way and that work has been getting busier with more responsibility, Melanie and I have been talking about whether I should take some time off not just in the Community theatre circuit but in the professional world as well. Mostly it stemmed from the fact that my renewal time with my agent is coming up and I really was not getting any work anyway, so I should just keep up my Second City classes, get more knowledge into this little head of mine, and then perhaps rejoin in the fall if circumstances allowed it.

Then stuff starts to happen again. I had the rock video shoot on the weekend and now I've been cast in a commercial shoot for Saturday, March 5. This new job is the first time since early Summer 2004 that I won a gig I auditioned for...everything since that point had been from just picking my face out of a picture line-up.

I had to make the director of the commercial promise to have all my shots completed by 5pm at the very latest on that day due to that being my closing night for The Man With The Plastic Sandwich and he was totally agreeable to that. It actually feels good that I could make a demand and they listen...not just quickly recast the role. Maybe I should ask for a trailer and a jar of Green M&M's. Too picky too fast? Yeah, you're right.

So, seeing as how the industry appears to be picking up, I'm being recognized more and more, and also the fact I'm receiving compliments from many a casting director, I should continue on...just make sure my agent knows that I have to have the right to turn down auditions and roles if they interfere with more important things: (ie. baby being born, etc;).

Who knows. I may be rewarded (big role!), or I could be penalized (day job bitchslap). I'll never find out if I don't try.


cedia said...

Having a baby is always very exciting! Do you know what the sex yet?

You are in a dilema. I hope whatever you decide, you are happy and you have full support from your wife.

Would I have seen any of your commercials?

btw, thanks for visiting my blog.

The Acting Artist said...

Hi Cedia! Thanks for the reciprical visit! We have left the baby's sex a surprise...though most people we know believe it's going to be a girl. For that we shall see.

The only commercial you've maybe seen is an East Side Marios commercial...not sure if you get them in the States. I play a construction worker at a table when the camera pans across. I'm at the left front seat and very recognizable. Otherwise, my other most known moments are in an Episode of a show called 'Creepy Canada' and a promo for a Lesbian Dating show called 'Fairy Tale' that plays on the Pride Network (I've never seen it, myself, for obvious reasons) where I play the one guy who shows up at the girls door only to have it slammed in my face. I'm certainly not famous by any stretch of the imagination...but it's the journey getting there that counts, not the need for fame itself. We'll see what the future brings.


ricknight said...

The universe never gives what you want, it gives what you need... If a lot of roles are coming up, maybe you need to act... ;)