Sunday, February 13, 2005

Updated Look

OK...I played so much with my blog template that I actually broke it to the point I couldn't rescue it without making matters worse, so I thought it prudent just to start all over again with a new look. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll make this one much more interesting too fairly soon...and then the vicious circle will begin again. Time will begin to phase, and you will begin seeing things in four dimensions....I'm just THAT good at breaking stuff when I put my mind to it.


Rufus said...

I actually LIKE the simplicity!

Arethusa said...

Oh THAT'S what happened to it. Hahaha I thought you did it on purpose, but like rufus, I dig the simplicity as well. I am still looking forward to any personal touches you add to it along the way. I have someone doing a redesign of my entire template...but they're tinkering with it on an all together different blog.