Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Homeowners? Could it be?

It was determined by Melanie and I that I was a carrier of the plague yesterday so I stayed home. There is just not enough that can be said for your own bed or curling up on the couch with a blanket when you are sick. As I chose to do the latter for a good part of the day I was able listen in as Melanie proceeded with furthering OUR PLAN, now somewhere around part 347. This phase of the plan is getting out of our apartment before next winter so that we don't have to freeze our bits off next time.

I had noticed a listing in the local paper for somebody who deals in Rent To Own and Mortgages for people with credit ratings that had seen better days (such as us). So, she gave him a call and began a very detailed conversation with this person about our scenario. Then all of a sudden the conversation went seemed a little TOO Personal...names of people in my family began to be mentioned. Suddenly, from what she was saying, it struck me - she was speaking to my Second Cousin Bob! Either this is a sign from the universe saying we're on the right track or the universe telling us I have an extraordinarily large family...I guess we'll see about that.

Bob gave a fantastic amount of support and advice, even referring us to a couple properties in the Bradford area that might be just up our alley. He then gave Melanie the name of a Mortgage Consultant who helps people in our scenario so following their conversation she gave this new contact a call.

Once again, a fantastic call (though not a relative that I know of). The gentleman pulled my abstract while they talked and identified that we are doing better than we thought. My credit score, though slightly lower than the usual average required to obtain a mortgage, is at least close enough that it was worth pursuing the process of looking at homes.

So, Melanie and I discussed it, and are going to see if we can pull it off. She was doing the research today on hidden costs and doing some calculations using the CMHC's guidelines. It's looking positive.

If she's still feeling peachy on the prospect following this exercise, the next step will be to start actually going to look at homes. We have absolutely nothing to lose really. The worst that can happen is they tell us to wait another 8 months. The best? Our own place. At this point in our lives, with us having absolutely NO debt and baby on the way what would be worth waiting for?


XicanoWan said...

I just bought my house 7 months ago and I kow the feeling. Right when you think your credit sucks or you dont make enough money, life lends a hand.

I dont want to congrat too early, but it is a great feeling to know you are a bit closure to such a big goal as buying a home.

The Acting Artist said...

You're is a great feeling. I'm sure there will be a few stressful moments ahead...times when Melanie is worried about putting up the money and all that, plus fighting off the naysayers who think we should wait for...well, just wait because that's what "sensible" people do. They wait. And wait. And when the chances are all gone they look around wondering what happened. I refuse to live that life.

Thanks for posting!