Wednesday, October 06, 2004

To evolve from a dream

All many of us wait for is that one big break. Some are fortunate enough to gain that little bit of recognition that propels them forward into exciting parts unknown, while others never quite gain the satisfaction. It's frustrating, but that's life and the chances we take by just getting out of bed in the morning.

As an actor, I have two very specific wishes.

  1. To continue being cast in roles that challenge me as an actor so I may continue growing in skill.
  2. To land that one big gig that has some bankroll behind it, giving me the opportunity to focus on the arts solely...none of this depending on other jobs to keep me alive while I juggle auditions, courses and gigs in between.

My detractors (otherwise known as a good percentage of my family), have been openly vocal about me living a pipe dream. The television and the movies to them is just an object and the people within it are a million miles away, so the concept that I could join their ranks is so foreign that they can't fathom it. Easier to tell me to keep my day job and give up my dreams.

I know I will prove them wrong. It may take no time at all, or it could take years, but if I keep up the fight one day I will find that big break.

If all goes well...this is the day. I have a callback for a really large commercial gig. As is my policy, I will not discuss the customer on this blog, but I will say that this is a Union job which would allow for some subtle changes in my lifestyle. I'm a realist. There's still a chance I will be forced to continue looking for the big break. But there is also a good chance that this is the one. I'm prepared to go in and give it my best.


L-chan said...

*shrugs* I've always thought of you as a great actor. You've already made it on tv a couple of times now, which only shows that it's not as far away as most would think. Your talents can take you far in that area, for sure, and I could easily picture you ending up in movies in due time.

There's no point to giving up your dreams, as long as you can take care of yourself. Grandpa was rather huffy toward me when he noticed that my grades are at a level where I could easily follow the path to being an engineer yet I've chosen art, thus a life of poverty. But it's what I want, and if my family thinks I'm stupid for being that way then they can go suck a lemon. I support your goals to be on tv and in the movies for sure, because I know that you're too damned determined to give it up, which surely says something.

The Acting Artist said...

Well thank you, my beloved sibling. Good to know I'm supported. { much do I owe you for writing that?}.

I'm not planning on giving up on my dreams anytime soon. As events and situations in my life warrant it, I may need to alter my plans a bit to meet demand, but until then it's full-steam ahead.