Friday, October 22, 2004

Song of Susannah


I just finished reading this novel by Stephen King after only three days and was heartily impressed. Mr. King has crafted an incredible work of art that adds so much more to not only the Dark Tower series, but to his entire body of work in general. Anybody who has been following this series and most of his newer works know that he has begun creating a really cool connection between many of his individual novels, and boy does this one really crack the whole thing wide open.

Without giving much away, the last couple of books in the series connected The Stand, Hearts of Atlantis,'Salems Lot,Bag Of Bones,The Eyes of the Dragon,Insomnia and many others. And now the author has gone and done something else that is rarely done by any author and rarely works - he's written himself into the storyline. Done in a very blunt and somewhat heart-wrenching way, you can feel that he is indulging in a bit of catharsis to deal with the tragedy of his accident a few years previously; much in the same way as he did with the television series Kingdom Hospital.

The evolution of the main foursome in the series: Roland, Eddie, Jake and Susannah is tremendous at this point and it's sad to realize that there is only one final book left in the series to tell the rest of the story. I plan on going out to grab The Dark Tower at my next opportunity.


Rachel Rutherford said...

Thanks for the recommendation. King was too dark for me to handle, initially -- perhaps, still -- but I fell in love with his memoir/advice book, "On Writing," and am newly curious to check out his work. I had no idea he was weaving books together. Totally cool. Anyway, keep the book reviews and other insights coming. I'm enjoying the blog. Thanks for the link to mine, as well.

The Acting Artist said...

Well thanks very much! I will be posting more reviews, it's just been a really busy few days...I hope to be all caught up by the middle of the week with my writing.