Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Onion, anyone?

I've been a devoted reader of the Daily Onion since Ric sent me a link to the site a few years ago. The site, which is updated every Wednesday, is filled with satirical humour that often leaves me laughing hysterically at my desk at work in the times I need it most.

This week is great. Not only did they post the image above, which pretty much sums up the current state in American politics, but some of the other articles shine brightly beyond the level of hilarity I've come to expect.

The Going Away Party and The Sniper are my two favs this time around. Ric...I think you'd get a dreamy look in your eyes after you read the Going Away Party...just think of the Beloved One in this context.

For a special the horoscopes. Trust me.

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ricknight said...

It brought a tear of joy to my eye...