Saturday, October 02, 2004

I blame nobody but me...

Everything is a work in progress.

During my tenure of illness, I've been keeping myself occupied by planning out some new stuff, and I've even managed to put some of those ideas into place already.

I went over my home website design for starters, and decided to throw the whole thing out and start from a new angle. I have pretty much fallen in love with my current blog design, so I figured why not follow suit on the website, with some subtle changes to showcase my own work. Now it's not completely done....but you can see the new look by clicking here.

I have also managed to process some of my digital photographs into a new slideshow movie. I have used this technique with some other projects, my Grandparents 50th for instance. I have a habit of letting photographs take up a gigantic amount of space on my harddrive, which is risky if I suffer a complete hardware failure. So, it's time to get them all backed up onto DVD, and what better way then to have them in a video format, with the actual picture files saved for later use if needed.

I'm on the wave of backing up all of my analog footage onto digital. After all of these photographs are done, I have a whole lot of slides that I need to scan in. Afterwards I have a whole box of VHS tapes that I need to go through and transfer in using my video capture card before they give up the ghost for good. Never mind the 8 or so DV tapes staring at me plaintively from my "IN" pile.

If all goes well, and I work to finish at least two photo collections each week, I should be able to start on my videos by mid-November. Boy, it would be nice to have some stuff done around here for once. Gotta move soon before another project gets thrown on my plate.....

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L-chan said...

Photo collections are always fun. In fact, I found an old photo album of mine yesterday that has pictures of the old house that I doubt anyone else has seen for several years. I don't think you're in any of the pictures, but there's old Xmas photos from the old house, and pictures of Ralph, Kitty Cat, and Greycloud. There's also some nice ones of Dad and Grandma Norton. Remind me to show you them next time your over here, okie?

The website looks great, by the way. Oh, and I dyed my hair purple... Again. =D

Hope you're fully over your illness!