Monday, October 18, 2004

Honestly, Now! Follow-Up

Honestly Now! Posted by Hello

Well, we finished our first weekend run a tad successfully. Sadly we didn't start it that way. I don't wish to go into too many details on our Friday performance...not because people could view anything I say as slander, but because it gives me nightmares when I delve too deep into the experience. It was just that bad.

Saturday was far better. As a member of the cast who has gotten to know the script quite well, I could still feel the struggle some had for parts of the dialogue, but they pulled it off in a way I doubt any audience member would have noticed.

I look forward to this coming weekend. Now that the weak parts have been noted, those would have been worked hard over and over again so that it'll not just be a good show, but the fantastic show that this script should allow.

Hope to see some of you there!


ricknight said...

perhaps it wuld have ben good for *some* of the cast to have actually broken a leg, or two. Good luck with this coming weekend.

Rufus said...

Perhaps I'll even show up for next week's performance...once the wounds heal.

L-chan said...

I'll be there to see it on Saturday =D

ricknight said...

So???? how was weekend #2 ?

The Acting Artist said...

Let's just say I'm much relieved. I will post about that on its own.