Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Jackson Trigg's Winery

Hoo, mama! Posted by Hello

This picture is from the basement in the Jackson Trigg's Winery, Niagara-On-The-Lake. The lovely fragrance of a combination of French and American Oak Barrels filled the air and made me extremely thirsty for a nice glass of fermented grape.

Fortunately that requirement was filled at the end of our tour. Our guide provided us with a small amount of three different types of wine, including an Ice Wine; which surprised me as that is a very expensive type of wine.

The actual winery itself is a unique structure, made in a modern fashion but purposely designed to look rustic and barnlike. I won't give too much away though...I recommend you go to their website or just go visit and go for a tour yourself!


Rufus said...

"basement" ?????

In my house, it's a basement - at Jackson Triggs, it's a "cellar"

It's quite a beautiful moment when you first step in, eh?

ricknight said...

mmmmmm cellar of barrels full of booze.... mmmmmmm