Monday, September 13, 2004

Honestly, Now!

South Shore Theatre Presents...

Honestly Now!

By Jack Sharkey

October 15,16,22,23 - 2004

At The Stephen Leacock Theatre
130 Gwendolyn Blvd, Keswick, ON
Box Office: (905) 476-1093

I play Hector, who you first meet acting like a little boy. However...there is perhaps more than meets the eye.

Southshore Theatre has coughed up this great Crime Comedy for their October production and it's one I look forward to. Unlike Infidelities!, I get many opportunites to get off stage for a few minutes, though still have a meaty enough role to make it worth the drive to Keswick.

It's a great ensemble cast of eight people, including myself. The other players in this production are:

Pat Reddick as Carlitta
Glen Haseman as Raoul
Ninette Gyorody as Nadine
Bruce Morrison as Sam
Michelle Holm as Marigold
Chris Morton as Oscar
Shannon Read as Holly

Ok, Gotta Run Now...I have to start practicing my yo-yo techniques.

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ricknight said...

let me know if you want me to do photos... :)