Friday, September 24, 2004

Early Morning Nonsence

Sleeptyping Posted by Hello

Well, it's still in the wee hours of the morning. I'm sitting at my PC, and you are asking, "Tim, what the ^*^*#@ are you doing up at this time?". Or at least in my head you are. I know I am.

I've never been much of a morning person. So many people I know talk about how they function perfectly with only five hours sleep, and those people I hate, and occasionally want to kill and bury in my backyard (if I had one). My double problem is that I am a nightowl, so going to bed earlier than midnight just seems a horrible waste to me, plenty of good minutes being wasted that could go to a new art project, writing, digital editing, reading, etc;

This has always been a problem with me for working, especially when I was a salaried employee. Going to bed at 1am but still needing at least 8 hours sleep so I don't sound like Gamera at business meetings (note - you know I'm tired when I start referring to obscure Japanese monster flicks). I can manage with less if I really need to - like I have a meeting first thing because the boss is a masochist, but if it is business as usual I was the guy strolling into the office well outside of the 'expected' 8:30-9am range. Can (and has) been career threatening.

This is why consulting has worked so well for me. If I'm not there, they just don't pay me. Simple as that. If I could keep up this lifestyle I would.

I've gone on a tangent here, haven't I. Oh yeah, why am I up this morning? Because I decided to get up early to finish prepping for our vacation, which we are leaving for in 2 hours. Clean and top-up fishtanks, sweep, make sure the mice have food and water, bathe the cats (kidding, not if I value my blood anyway), and write this entry.

WIth that I'll bid you adieu. If I get a chance and access to a PC I may post from the resort, otherwise I'll be back Sunday evening.


ricknight said...

just let go tim... it will be OK... there is no spoon.

L-chan said...

I got one of these infernal contraptions simply so I could post here. And it took so long that I forgot what I was going to say. *Shakes a fist at you* Oh well. Go check out my blog. Blerg.

Oh, I also meant to ask.. What types of arts are you currently doing? Still Bryce and Poser? If so.. Then come on, you can do better. Stop generating what painters take years to paint ^.~ Get back to writing. You could make a fortune off your writing. Or your photography. Generators make the little sister cry.

The Acting Artist said...

I can't tell if that was a backhanded compliment or what. As per the arts, I do use Poster and Bryce yes, but only as tools, not for the finished product.

As to the writing stuff....on that we'll have to see. I still have a long way to go before I feel I'm ready, never mind what somebody willing to sign a cheque may think. Thanks for the vote of condidence though...