Thursday, September 09, 2004

Action! Hey! Where's the actor? OOPS!

Hmmm...I may not make it into this next Short Film afterall.

I had been communicating back and forth with Maciej Jonasz, who is the Producer of the film known as Low Budget. Originally they had some scheduling issues which forced them to postpone shooting my scene to a future date.

And then on Tuesday evening the calls started. And we kept playing phone-tag. Either I was out of range, or they were. I didn't actually get in touch with them until this morning.

The shoot was yesterday.

They had somebody else fill in my role (just a cameo, really), and that's that. Maciej indicated though that he'd like to have me in the movie if he can...he needs to look over the scene with his brother Jedrzej and see if they can still get me in there. However, there is a high possibility that they can't.

Being that my screen-time would only be a tiny one, I shouldn't feel too bad about's just that I was looking forward to working with these guys.

Oh well...maybe the next one...

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